Today 24th of June 2016 in the municipality of Aracinovo was marked the 15th years of the Battle with ONA in Aracinovo.

Today, June 24, 2016, the 15th anniversary of the Glorious Battle of the KLA in Haraçin was commemorated today, June 24, 2016. On this occasion, at the Memorial Center at the Martyrs’ Graveyards, tributes were paid to the most deserving of those who gave their lives with it. their position for the liberation of the Albanian autochthonous lands from the (Slavic Macedonian occupiers).

Attending this commemoration of the 15th anniversary of the Battle of Haracina were the families of the martyrs, disabled active soldiers and many citizens.

On behalf of SHVL Uck, the participants were greeted by the Event Manager Mr. Fatmir Limani. Të pranishmit i përshèndeti Kryetari i Komunës së Haracines z.Brahim Ajvazi

The Mayor of Haracina, Mr. Brahim Ajvazi, greeted the attendees

  1. The release of the sports hall where it was named the Deshmorët Sports Hall
  2. The replacement of the windows of the Gjergj Kastrioti Skenderbeu New School was also inaugurated.
  3. Also, the road, which was made with bekatonka near the school, street 3, was repaired.

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