August 2017
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The opening of the well in the yard of the old school was completed

The opening of the last well in the Municipality of Aracinovo was completed.

The opening of 3 wells in Aracinovo started

Yesterday began the work to open three wells of the Municipality of Aracinovo for drinking water supply for all, this project was greeted by all the inhabitants of the Municipality of Arachinovo. These are the promises of Mr. Brahim Ajvazi who does not stop...

Completed by asphalting street 8 in Aracinovo

Yesterday things were over in street 7 and today they continue in street 8 where they ended up asphalting the street 8.

Completed by asphalting street 7 in Aracinovo

On the territory of the municipality of Aracinovo, the work on completing the road infrastructure has continued. In this case, the Mayor of Aracinovo, Mr. Bramim Ayvazi, checked the things that were in the end in street 7 in Aracinovo

Completed by asphalting street 12 in Aracinovo

Completed by asphalting street 12 in Aracinovo. "The Municipality of Aracinovo is taking care to give a beautiful sense of place. Implementing projects and creating more favorable conditions for all inhabitants, and thus the movement of the citizens," he said on this occasion the...

The tender documentation for the construction of an administrative building in the municipality of Aracinovo

2.Announcement of the newspaper TIME for the municipality of Aracinovo 3.Announcement on the website of the municipality of Aracinovo

In the meantime, things started in the street 7

The promise of the Mayor Mr. Brahim Ajvazi was realized Yesterday they started working on the road 12, and today began to work on the street 7.

Work on street 12 in Aracinovo

Today began work on the street 12, where the mayor of the Municipality of Arachinovo, Mr. Brahim Ajvazi, was present and who inspected the activities that took place, to increase the improvement of the infrastructure in the Municipality of Arachinovo. Street 12 is a...

Meeting with Deputy Interior Minister Agim Nuhiu

Deputy Interior Minister Agim Nuhiu visited the municipality of Arachinovo today, meeting with the citizens Nuhiu explained that the police is in the service of the citizens of Aracinovo. The conversation with the citizens was also the mayor Brahim Ajvazi, which examined many issues...

Remembered the Martyrs of NLA

Today was marked June 24, 2001 from the war of the National Liberation Army, where the Memorial Center of the graves of the deceased fighters and war veterans in Aracinovo is paying tribute. This day is also the day of the municipality were attended...

Cleaning the Martyrs’ Cemetery in Aracinovo

The municipality of Aracinovo, like during the past year and 2017, is continuing to clean up the graves and martyrs that gave life for freedom. Yesterday, special people on the part of the municipality have cleansed the cemetery, cleared the cemetery at the memorial complex...

Dinner on the occasion of March 7 the day of teachers

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Congratulations March 7 – Teachers Day

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The municipality of Aracinovo commemorate the 15th years of the Battle with NLA

Today 24th of June 2016 in the municipality of Aracinovo was marked the 15th years of the Battle with ONA in Aracinovo.