History of the municipality

Aracinovo municipality is a municipality located in the northern part of Macedonia. The center of the municipality is located in the municipality of Aracinovo and was founded in 1996, which was within the municipality of Gazi Baba. Geographically located approximately 220 meters above sea level in the northwestern part of the city.

It is bordered by the municipality of Gazi Baba, Ilinden, Kumanovo and Lipkovo. The municipality is composed of four (4) Places: Arachinovo 2,250 families Orlanci 140 families, 180 families Grushino, Mojance 50 families.

The municipality covers an area of ​​30 km2 (according to the new territorial division) and counts as one of the smallest municipality by area in the Republic. Aracinovo is densely populated with about 11992 inhabitants, while the average density is about 500 inhabitants in 1 km2.

The ethnic structure of the municipality is as follows:

90.72% Albanians
23.8% of the Macedonians
0:54 Bosniaks%
Serbs 0.11%
0.01% Vlachs and
12:39% of members of other ethnic communities.
Municipality of Aracinovo, as it is known, is the poorest municipality in the region of Skopje, but also in the country. Before and after its establishment until today, in our community compared to other municipalities, very little is invested by the state.

Aracinovo municipality with a small budget of 300,000 euros which collects VAT Aracinovo municipality is trying to improve the living conditions of citizens.