President within their competences:

  1. Represents the municipality;
  2. Control of the legality of the provisions of the Council;
  3. Publish rules in the Official Gazette of the Council of the Municipality;
  4. Ensure the implementation of Council decisions;
  5. Ensure the performance of the delegated municipal law;
  6. Initiates and proposes promulgation of regulations under the authority of the Council;
  7. Proposing the annual budget and annual account of the municipal budget;
  8. Implementation of the municipal budget;
  9. Brings decisions of public agencies established by the municipality, based on public competition;
  10. Take decisions on the definition of property tax for property located in the municipality;
  11. Keep records of catering facilities and working hours of catering facilities operating in the municipality;
  12. Give judgment in the rental of buildings or parts of buildings of public institutions with and without equipment for the municipality;
  13. Immediately inform the ministry responsible for the performance of local government for the presentation of one of the conditions for early dissolution of the council;
  14. In case of early dissolution of the council until a new council performs the functions of a council with certain limitations prescribed by law;
  15. Member of the Coordination Body of the mayors of Skopje and Skopje municipalities to establish cooperation and common issues of mutual interest;
  16. Preparation of a supplementary budget for overcoming the financial instability of the municipality which has been approved by the committee established to overcome financial instability of the municipality;
  17. Regularly inform the Council for carrying out its functions under the Charter;
  18. Put on the administrative rights, obligations and interests of legal and natural persons, in accordance with the law;
  19. Approval of the Regulation for systematization of the municipal administration;
  20. Place of employment, rights, duties and responsibilities of the municipal administration, unless otherwise provided by law;
  21. Ensure proper and legal use, maintenance and protection of municipal property, in accordance with the Law and the Statute,
  22. Perform other duties as defined by law or statute.