Milikie Halimi was born in Aracinovo, where I live with my family. Married to Agron, and a mother of two children, daughter Dielza and son Donut. Education I graduated in primary school Gjergj Kastrioti-Skanderbeg in 1995.

After the completion of the primary school, because of the difficulties experienced by the generations of that time (and especially the girls) with continuing education, I was different.

An additional reason to apply for tuition at all costs was my family, as well as being a lover of a schoolgirl, and I was very devoted to secondary education, breaking the stereotypes of our time and I decided to enroll in the school Medical Center in Tetovo, Nikola Stein (1996-2000).

Upon successful completion of secondary education, I later enrolled at the Pedagogical Faculty, which I graduated in 2006. Training In addition to formal education, I have attended many courses and trainings from relevant international institutions in various fields, but with a special emphasis on the role and contribution of women in the development of society.

Among the numerous trainings, I will include the course “Women in Politics” with the American organization NDI, and in cooperation with USAID, the Embassy of the Grand Duchy, the French Embassy and the Embassy of the Netherlands in Skopje.

The next course this year is the training on “Violence Against Women” organized by UNDP (United Nations Development Organization), which gave me the opportunity to promote awareness of the role of family and society.

Meanwhile, within my party where I am facing SDSM for several months, we are trained in the so-called “School for Activating Women”. I think that all these additional trainings have enabled me to take the challenge of challenging in order to change and develop the society in which I live and act, always for good.

Professional experience My professional career is mainly related to the private sector, because in my career I managed to find one of the pharmacies Zegin in Magyar, Skopje.

Looking at the poor health condition of the municipality of Aracinovo, I was the initiator for opening a pharmacy in my home. After we opened the pharmacy in the village of Arachinovo, I also succeeded for several years, until my political engagement.